Financing Options Available

With every step of your project, we want to provide a flexible and customer-centered approach, which includes financing your project. If needing a loan is an important factor in your project, then we will work with you to craft a successful plan.


Your first step toward getting a loan can be found using our Project Financing Calculator.  This tool gives you a great estimate of your financing possibilities.  To use this tool, simply input the following information:

  • Total Financing Needed
  • Your Credit Score

The calculator provides you with the possible monthly payments, loan term, and possible interest rate.  If this payment suits your budget, then you can move forward with an online loan pre-qualification.


We offer monthly payment options through a third-party financing company. You may request a free quote for a loan online that will not affect your credit score. In just 2 minutes you can be pre-qualified for an excellent loan.  Working with 13 lenders ensures competitive loans and multiple options to choose from.  This saves you the time and stress of having to shop for competitive rates and plans.

Approval is subject to our third-party lenders’ guidelines. If you have good credit and are employed full time, you are on your way to a great financing future.

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What our customers say about us

Revelation Renovations made my home a joy to live in and was a joy to work with.

My house project was large and unexpected- a flood having required the removal of most of the flooring and walls in the main living areas including the kitchen. But Revelation Renovations was able to guide me through the design process, communicated well regarding timelines and continued updates, and kept the process moving forward in an efficient and orderly way, so that I did not have to worry about the project at all. Where I wanted to have input, it was respected, and, where I did not, the same aesthetic was applied consistently across all elements of the project.

Along the way, Revelations Renovations was very professional, kept a positive attitude, and maximized the usability of the house by leaving the house as clean as possible along during the work and scheduling the project to fit my priorities. There was a strong attention to detail, and quality workmanship so everything was done right.

But what really set Revelation Renovations apart was how there was also attention to making the renovations function well, and making even ordinary parts of the house special. Revelation Renovations provided great input on bigger things for functionality like kitchen layout for better workflow, and surface/flooring selection for the different rooms based on use, but also smaller things like extra places to hang things and outlets with usb ports in the right places. There were small touches throughout the remodel that made the ordinary special, but specific examples were a stair handrail and fireplace which had previously been bland and easily forgettable getting turned into art works in their own right while also fitting in with the rest of the house.

The end result was a house that both looked incredible but made it easy to live there. I would highly recommend Revelation Renovations for projects both big and small.

Ashley C.


After dealing with some of the worst contractors ever, working with Justin was like a breath of fresh air! He cares so much about the fine details and customized everything in my beach rental to the exact specifications I needed. He was correcting a lot of messes someone else had made, and let me tell you, it was like night and day working with someone who actually cares about what you’re wanting versus someone who wants to just “get it done”. He was on a very fine time line to get things done because we had reservations pending for 2 days after he was supposed to be done – he hit every deadline and even helped my cleaning crew out by starting laundry during the project and because of the deadlines I had. For those in the back that didn’t hear, JUSTIN IS AN AMAZING CONTRACTOR AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM. I’ll be booking him for any future renovations at the house. – Adrienne F.
Adrienne F.


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